Thursday, January 8, 2009

shut up and pedal.

Rides at the moment are to no particular plan, though I do have one in the offing.
Today saw a lazy ride from Samford to Dayboro and back. I know it was lazy because my average heart rate was 136. That is definitely on the edge of the lazy zone for me... focus really was on finding this great brekkie in samford.... $4.50 french toast and a smoothie to match my gloves....??! now THAT is rocking.

But all that is about to change. Now.
This morning I received an email that has kicked in the attention.
I have been granted an elite slot for Adrenalin - the 24 hour solo world champs, based on my performance at Kona. It was what I have been working for, and what I said I wanted.

But now that it is here, the doubts come...
'can I afford it, should I spend that money on something else'
'am I good enough'
'will I get over there and FAIL big time'
'will I even enjoy it?'
'do I want to go through that hurt?'
'what if I have a massive crash overseas??!!?'
'how will get a support crew/ how will I do it without a support crew'

I rang my bro to chat through the nerves.
His advice was priceless and somewhat to the point.



TR said...

Your brother is a smart guy. Great advice.
Time to start training.

Anonymous said...

Keep doing what you are doing and you will get there.

Trickle said...

yes to everything puppet, email Gordo and ask him how awesome it is injuring yourself O/S hahahaha

Russell Worthington said...

Good luck with it all Rach. Live your dream.

Buttsy said...

you want to be sitting in a rocking chair in 40 years time saying...if only......."Never let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do..!!!" Go for it.

Actually your brothers advice is spot on....One of my friends who is a great time trial is like him...I ask what training he does and expect a big explanation about HR and intervals and everything and his training is "Ride More Miles!" Thats Shut Up and Pedal! and good luck