Saturday, September 26, 2009

Starting Over

I decided it is time to get back into things, and instead of saying 'no' to rides because I am unfit I decided to experiment with saying yes.

I thought I would ease into it with a ride with Matt.
On his SS.
To Lake Manchester.
In the Dark.
With another AYUP dude I had never met.

One of many creek crossings approaching the lake.

I think that qualifies as the DEEP end. I'd estimate it was close to 2000mtrs of climbing.
It hurt. I was slow. I was unable to push the gearing I normally would.
But it was also magic!

Check the white dots in this shot - we are being watched by the locals!

I love how trails are so different at night. I also love meeting new people when you are out for an adventure. Mark from AYUP came with Matt - and there is nothing like a hardcore ride to make yourself a new mate. He had a quality stack, similar to my wheel wash out on Laidleys. Hard man riding - dusted himself off (which took some doing), checked he remembered his name and then rode on. Respect.

I discovered that although I may not have the speed or fitness I had, I do still have the desire.
I even pulled an attack coming out of nebo on the Dog. It immediately put me deep in the locker without a key, but Jaman would have been proud!

I wonder what I will do for late night shopping next week ?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Ahhhh... the end of the season. A couple of months off to do all the things that slip through the cracks when daily life revolves around work, family and training with eyes on the Big Race.
I've really enjoyed sleeping in and spending time at home. I was tired when I got back from Canada, but 2 months later I can't really claim that as an excuse. I have noticed a disturbing trend developing.....

The trickle of ride invites has become a deluge of insistent friends pushing me to come ride. I am fearing an intervention is just around the corner if I don't separate from the couch sometime soon. The lycra is tighter, the hills are longer, and the legs weaker. The God of Bikes is definitely punishing me for me crimes as it appears Matt Dog has been assigned the case of my rehabilitation.

Now it is time to swap this
for this ....

The Scott, the TWP 24hr, pitch black.............. going from no ways to maybes.