Sunday, February 27, 2011

Inroads on road

I am enjoying my time riding with the UQ cycle club. They are so welcoming and I have to say that the environment for learning the ropes at their training crits is tops. And if I play my cards right I might even get an invite from the uni she-beasts to race a team event or two.....

I am quickly learning it is not just about having the legs. So much of it is right place, right time and understanding where you need to be AND actually being able to get yourself there. Catch the break, don't get boxed in, let those guys go, don't let those others go, keep tabs on where rider X is, is that a B grade break or is that A grade - all the while rolling at 40+km an hour only 30cm from other riders.... brain overload!

Shannon is coming back into form and helped me get away this weekend. I believe it was a Jaman ApprovedTM move - page 192 from the handbook.

*thanks to Jaman for the excellent rolling footage!!!

Most importantly of all I am learning that I love riding.
If it's got wheels and pedals then it is all good. Gears, no gears, dirt, road, fast, slow, long, short - just get out there .... for the love of the bike!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Race Report LunarC

Team Koiled pre race photo bomb courtesy of AYUP MattDog.

After focusing on rest and relaxation for the last few months and riding just for pleasure I was a little unsure of how the legs would turn at LunarC. I am just getting back on board at UTurn, but it would appear that the crit road work I have been doing might be a path to something interesting!

Man, it was a hot night - never anything less than 24'c - and with work/family juggling no time for a pre-ride. I didn't check the entry list other than a quick scan for Madz so I didn't realise Connie was racing (oops!). After a good battle last year I lined up on lap one making sure I knew where Kylie was so I knew if I was chasing or being chased. I don't recall Connie coming past but either she snuck by (nice one!), or got out in front from the start (even better!) and I didn't know. That's racin!

no moon equals a dark dark dark night

Despite the recent deluge the new course was dry and dusty as hell and considerably tougher than I anticipated. Got a reasonably good start, but quickly realised I was sketchy as HELL with no night riding and little single track to be had since October. Settled in to find some flow and started to find some lines. Few more laps I found some more. A couple of teams racers hammered past on the fire road sections and I realised I could, and should ride those sections a lot quicker. And from then on I did. I kept expecting to blow up, but didn't. For some reason I've been approaching sections like that as 'recovery'. Not anymore!!! The Koiled boys were out in force but I rarely saw them having gotten out in front or left them behind in the pits.

Shan from Koiled rocking his SS Blacksheep EON.

Nick from Koiled gutsing it up like no-one is watching.

Dawn was on it's way and I was feeling good, really good. I wasn't counting laps, I was just riding. Gave some random lads a gee-up with a few screams of ' come on boys, it's the DAWN lap, RIP INTO IT'..... Jez in the pits gave me the low down, and I was surprised to hear I was in second and Kylie not far behind me - time to take it up another notch. Ok, now I was smashing the fireroads AND standing on the climbs. It worked. I put almost 20mins on Kylie by the end, and got to within 9 mins. I just needed another 16 hours!! :D

And again Nick finds the pain barrier and ATTACKS it.

Wringing out the last of the laps before time was up. Go go go!!!!

One of my favourite riders who has helped me find my racing legs. Dog smashing his Koiled SS beauty up 'that' climb on his way the to podium.

Resident TRACK extraordinaire Andrew Kelk (Truck) flying the Koiled flag and riding to 5th in the SS category. Solid ride.
Jaxsen is now one of us, showing many seasoned riders how it is done. Bravo.

Very happy with that ride. I found a new gear.

So all in all on the box, and more importantly 15 laps, 130km and into the TOP TEN solo rides overall. Watch out Boys!!!! Well done to Madz and Connie and all the girls, I enjoyed the racing!

Up next Tailwind Series.

Can you spot the dog?