Saturday, July 25, 2009

WSC24 Pre Ride

This morning we headed up to the race HQ first thing. We found solo pit row.... race number 23 it is for me.

Then it was off to pre-ride the course. Wow.
So..... it is way different to home. The hills are steep, loose and go forever, and they are COVERED in unforgiving roots and rocks. A few bridges, a few tricky descents. All ridden. I am grateful I got out for a technical ride in Vancouver, as now this does not seem *quite* as tough. But it is still a good couple of notches up the 'freaking hard' tree. Majority single track, eating will be tough. upper body will hurt - but on the plus side I think the gooch will go well as there are not a lot of places you will sit in the saddle!!!

Registration was simple and quick. The rego pack is super generous - I got approximately 20 gels all in date (!), a beer glass, a water bottle, a mechs shirt and a towel. Sweet.

24 hours to go, and then 24 hours to GO!

Monday, July 20, 2009

blame canada......

This place is amazing.
it has been a busy start to the visit - Visits to Cove bikes, the warehouse for Banshee distribution and a taste of the north shore trails. Not only have Steve's cousins provided a lovely place to base ourselves, Chris is also a mad rider who acted as our great trail guide.

Makes you realise that our trails are so insanely groomed at home - everything here is rough and nearly every bike you see has twice the travel, front and back..... and I can see why!

Still 3 more days before we head to canmore!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To take or not to take, that is the question

Packing, I hate it.

And packing for an international 24 hour race is a logisitcal nightmare. Limitations on what you can carry means careful consideration needs to be given what you are going to put in the bag. This is at odds with 'being prepared' for just about anything - which is the usual going in position for a 24 hour race.

Throw into the mix a changeable climate like Canmore, that is warm one minute and SNOWING the next - and you will definitely need every bit of clothing you own....

Still there is always room for the mandatory 'lucky'.

And time to sneak out for a ride.

And time for a few finishing touches.

3 days and counting.

Monday, July 13, 2009

what are you made of?

You know they might be bigger
You know they might be faster
You know they might be better

You do it anyway.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

finishing it off....

Been a busy couple of weeks. Firstly headed out to Insomnia for some mud riding practice with a great 4 person mixed team - Black Sheep. Unfortunately Shan was down with the flu race morning, so we called in reinforcements. Who takes a call at 8.30am on race day and says yes??? Deefa.
Thanks Deef, you were a legend to step in on such short notice and as always bought the diesel engine and the air guitar. The Black Sheep placed 3rd while still managing a good nights sleep, and a lot of laughs. Our great placing was largely due to the super quick laps of this man.... Mick "the paperboy" Giess. Homemade mud guards and babypowder were his secret.
I got plenty of mud riding practice and also an idea of how my times are going. I am riding my best ever times in those technical conditions - I really am improving. Plenty of entries in the female fastest lap list and not too far down at all to find them... a new experience for me!
The training is slowing down, with more peak type sessions. It's giving me more time to think - I've had time to consider and be grateful for my this one..

It can be easy to lose yourself in such a daunting race. For the experience to be stressful, unenjoyable, horrible, disappointing .... and wouldn't that be a WASTE. Time to remind myself that the race that is coming - that is the good bit.