Thursday, October 16, 2008

where you been?

Holidays at this place
What an incredible spot - the andaman sea is insanely blue and clear. Managed to get some serious rest and recreation in.
And when I say rest I mean this:
And when I say recreation I mean this:
Kona is 6 weeks away.
Enough rest. Enough recreation. It is HURT O'Clock starting sunday with our nebo/lake manchester epic!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

8 Hour Enduro Honours.

Raced the 8 hour yesterday.
Had an excellent pit crew lead by Bec my personal punisher, ahem, I mean trainer.
Ran over a snake.
Had a close call with a massive goanna.
Rode with no front brakes.
Regretted not having the new bike properly set up for me.
Cooked in 32 degree heat.
Didn't stop.
Won the solo.
130 kms or so tells me the training is working. Legs felt good, and I coped with the heat better than I expected too. Not spending time getting my bike set up was my biggest issue. The suspension was rock hard leaving me in rigid land. Hands, neck, shoulders and ass are NOT pretty after 8 hours on a rigid. How do those psycho 24 hour solo rigid singlespeeding freaks do it??!

Practiced a few mind tricks to help me remember which lap I was on, and take my mind away from other more unpleasant thoughts (like faarrrrk my neck hurts, and daaaaaaaamn my hands must be blistered under these gloves). Here is how it goes. Take one lap number. Make a up lame rhyme. Repeat. For example; Lap seven. Seven in heaven. Lap eight. trying not to hate! Lap nine feelin fine. Lap ten. In the pen (I don't even know what that means, I think I was belted by this point). Lap eleven better than seven.... But 12 had me beaten - I was blank! Any suggestions?

Big UPS to the WRB crew/ tent city who kept the encouragement coming all day, and jumped in to attend to bike problems without even being asked. Rocking. Was great to see my brother race his first solo race and come in strong. Only one lap behind me - damn, I better step it up!!!

Next stop - a weeks R&R for the family on a remote beach. Ahhh palm trees and cocktails and $12 thai massages.