Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm in.

I pressed "register".
I clicked elite.
I paid my money. Done.

In July I will be an Aussie racing in Canmore, Alberta at the 24 hour World solo championships.
Somewhere near here...
It is time to be honest about preparation - it is the first step in putting a plan together. It is not always comfortable but it is important to base your approach on fact or you are stuffed before you start. So where am I at - how much riding have I been doing?

FACT: not much, to f@ck all.
FACT: how often, 3 maybe 4 times a week.
FACT: how long, some of them so short that I am not sure they even count - the coffee has taken longer.

I think I have been racing more on determination than preparation.

So it goes like this......
1) Don't cheat.
2) Don't drive to the start of rides; ride!
3) And most of all, hit 5 days a week riding consistently.

New program in place, and kicking off pronto. The making of the puppet has commenced.

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Trickle said...

So your riding to the race start? jeebus!!!