Monday, April 18, 2011

It's probably time.

To get back on the training wagon.
Somehow the short break after worlds has turned into 6 months coach/program free. This has largely been due to waiting on the ever diminishing chance of hearing where/when WSC24 will be on. Time to fix it and time to give up on WSC24 for 2011.

Uni has provided an injection of fun into my riding, introduced me to a whole new group of people, and also helped me find a new coach that I will be starting with in the next little bit.

It has also provided new ways to suffer. Like the Mt Coot-tha TT we did on saturday, the hard way. None of this starting at slaughter falls with a rolling start. Oh no. Uni like to start at the planetarium with a proper standing start. The difference that planetarium hill, and the flat past Freers makes is large and finding a rhythm is elusive. Hurt fest.

Even better you get a public weigh in at the start. I was surprised to see I have dropped a bit of weight. I still feel strong, so I will take it - though will maybe try to put a little on before the 24hr. Backed up the Coot-tha TT with a roadie Nebo smashfest again with the Uni crew. 51mins to the school, and 29 mins down to my place. New record.

I am looking forward to the Super Series 24 hour. I have my eyes on my result from last year and am intending to break it, assuming conditions are conducive....

4 weeks people. Rip into it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tailwind Superseries Race 2

As a warm up for the Superseries Race 2 I headed to the crit track the day before to take part in the Uni vs HPRW head 2 head - an annual club challenge. It was my first experience in a handicap - wow they hurt. I really enjoyed it and look forward to racing with the Uni girls this year. Well done to HPRW who outrode us on the day, and played a better game of handicapper.
cheeeeeese - smiling at the family who came for a look.

I worked a bit harder than I had planned when I found myself off on scratch but lap 1 Sunday felt really good so I won't be afraid to pull a short sharp effort the day before in future. I really think it helped.

Race 2 was another day for the mudbeasts.
I shouldn't complain as tough stuff is meant to be my business. The course had some great single track with a couple of fast connecting fire road bits, just a shame it wasn't drier! The first few laps weren't too bad but the course quickly degraded to the point that it was unrideable in one section. Gave me memories of insomnia - though this time around I have a few more skills and am pleased to report I kept it rubber side down all day. Still the amount of freebies in the race kit (musette, bottle and cap) really made it worth while.

check this SMP corner Miff!

Got a reasonable start (no-one on my handlebars this time) and settled in pretty quickly for what felt like a straight forward race. A bit of work early, then cruise mode and settle in. I didn't pre-ride but I recognised some of the course from LunarC which I am sure helped. I knew getting through without a major mechanical was again going to be important. Smooth pedalling! Plus, as a fall back I had my BlackSheep SS there should the worst happen! I made the most of learning to ride the best I could in those conditions, trying different lines and approaches to see what worked and didn't. There were two pinch climbs - one shorter one, and then a longer, tricky one with wet roots. For some reason the first one was doing bad things to my drive train, but I could ride the second. I made the call to leg it after the first hint of chain jam even though I had the legs to ride, just to avoid drive train explosions. Given the number of dead derailleurs and busted chains I saw at the top of it - I reckon that was a solid plan!

Have to hand it to Santa Cruz, my Tallboy (which is carbon) has copped the abuse and is holding up amazingly well. They obviously have their finishes dialled in re: top coats. I didn't have to replace anything after Race 1, but this time round new BB for me. Not bad - that thing has been flogged for 12 months including a bunch of 24's and riding all season in our brisbane weather so not unexpected really. Any excuse for an upgrade. Nice new Hope on the way :)

Podium shared with Emma and Amanda - nice riding chicks!

In the wash up I got the 1st solo and was stoked to find I also clocked all the girls for the fastest lap. Scored a random prize too, but called a redraw - that should earn me some good trail karma! Will be cashing it in for DRY TRAILS.

Fastest lap - Rooster was 4+ mins faster than me with a 14.something !! Must be the haircut.

I enjoyed seeing Nick have another consistent ride, and bump himself up to 7th from 14th. I bet he has already done the calculations for next race. Shannon also made the most of his hard earned fitness as he starts to return to form - riding into 4th again in the SS - great consistency which I believe puts him into the top 3 of the series points. Matt Dog again prevailled giving him a strong lead in the SS series points. Top Dog! Prof and Pommy owned the pits, with help from Ms K, Liam and Em. Thanks guys!

Upon review of the series points that's three Koiled riders in the top 3 of their solo categories - believe it - bling makes you go faster!!!