Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So things have been pretty quiet round here.... I am still trying to get over the cold virus I had that gave me so much grief. In general I am well, but unfortunately my lungs just don't want to play the game yet. It has kept me off the dirt and on the road in cruise mode only.  Current diagnosis is post viral inflammation which now sees me onto some pretty hardcore asthma type steroids.  Hoping for some improvement to avoid doing the whole bloods/xray thing.  Never been there before, and not in a hurry to experience it! I think the real diagnosis is a chronic lack of patience which I am trying to correct.

Disappointing to not be at capacity for the 24hr, and still not fit for the recent road Metros - but still managed to get amongst it with the Uni SheBeasts in the EliteB Crit.  We are getting our act together as a team and I really enjoyed riding with them and working together.

Casually Planking the Podium, as you do.
Nic and Nerida were amazing launching attack after attack.  Dom also pitched in, while saving some legs for her hard core kick. Dom and I finished 5/6th. We weren't all able to attend - soon we will have Georgie, Miff and Stef back too.  That's SEVEN.  And I happen to think Anne won't be too far away either!

Uni SheBeasts at the Metros - Nic, Dom, Rach and Nerida (thx for the pics MIFF).
We'll be putting up a fight at the upcoming HPRW Women's Series and the planning has started!

For now though, I am focused on getting well.  And then getting to Mawson.  Will be a smashdown.  Everyone was is anyone is going to be there and it will be on.  Can't wait !!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tailwind Race 3 - hello hindsight!!

So, I been sick y'all. Not just a head cold or flu thing. but a lower respiratory infection, followed by inner ear.... story goes like this.

In the beginning it didn't really bother me too much - started out as a sore throat, a dry itchy cough and some headaches. I ignored it and continued to ride. After all I didn't feel *that* sick. It started on the Tuesday after easter. For the first week it wasn't a big deal. Take some painkillers for the headache, and yes - I was coughing on the bike - but I was going fast and legs felt good. I was also scheduled for a fluvax so took that on while I had this virus. Looooooad up that system.

Around this time I also took on some intense club racing with points and elimination.

I now know this is a pic of me ending my 24hr race.... oops

Shortly after this race the cough went from dry and itchy tightness in the chest to lungs full of junk. I also experienced what I now know was a vertigo attack while riding home from that race. It was like someone grabbed the world and shook it - I managed to keep it upright and stop safely. Not ideal when riding along kingsford smith drive! After 10 minutes it settled and I rode into town. Again - I didn't realise at the time but I was now developing inner ear viral inflammation - vestibulitis. So now I had upper and lower respiratory infections. I put the attack down to low blood sugar (something I never get - doh!) and forgot about it.

I started on antibiotics the next day and took a few days off the bike. My patience is apparently 3 days long. So while I felt like I was resting - I wasn't taking enough TOTAL rest to get over this thing. I might drop a day or two, but then bang back at it only to decide I was still sick. Add to said lack of patience the immense desire to be able to race my favourite race and in comes stupid. I kept riding - and there was intensity (speed sessions with uni) where I felt it hard to get air in, but the speed was still there so on we go. Can anyone see where this is heading?

Ok race week, 2.5 weeks in on this thing and getting worse. I had kept my sickness to myself. My Uni team mates I had seen at training knew - but no FB updates, no blog updates. The racer in me didn't want everyone to know, still hoping that I would be fine come May14th. Wednesday I had another frightening vertigo attack. Worse than the first one. I actually honestly wondered if I was having a heart attack and I will admit it scared the hell out of me. Dr then diagnosed vestibulitis and gave me stemitil. It would help the symptoms but in general I just had to wait till it got better as it was viral. I didn't tell him about the race. You don't ask questions that have answers you don't want to hear!

Race eve - went for a roll in the morning to test the BlackSheep. Felt the worst, and struggled. I mentioned the vestibulitis to my team mates - Deef told me he had it once and had to lie on his back for three days. Wow. Really?? Lucky I am tougher than everyone else (mental). Excellent, good to go to the race then (more mental). Came home and packed my race gear (reallly mental) and next morning Shan picked me up and took me out. One small part of my brain was still functioning - and it added a tent and bed to my gear - something I never normally take to a 24hr. I guess part of me I knew, but the racer part of me kicked it in the gooch and told it to shut up.

team koiled rock

Well, I started and despite getting on the snort with my prescribed ventolin, I knew immediately that if I continued to ride I would be doing myself damage, possibly of the *permanent* lung kind. The transaction was not adding up for me. I couldn't climb, not that there is much in that course, and I struggled to get air in.

how good are the new bridges at OHV? Tailwind Rock too!

It took me 5 hours to accept this. I was not being soft. I was not being a sook. I was not giving up. I was trying to be smart. I am glad my big brother was there, he is always a reference point for me when things get tough and he helped me separate the usual 24hr demons from what was a real and valid concern.

So - a week on. I have spent the week OFF the bike and mostly in bed. It has taken 6 days for any change. Pleased to say I have less vertigo and my cough finally seems to be showing some signs of improving.

Now is the time to bring it home. I need to finish off my resting PROPERLY this time. In the spirit of this (and knowing I cannot be trusted) I have opted for a competing behaviours method of treatment (psych term). I have booked the weekend away with G and AB to montville - sans bikes. No uni world cup racing. No training. Just good food, rest and relaxation. And no ability to be tempted.

Next week though... next week will be a different matter

Monday, May 9, 2011

Race Week Progress

This year I've been doing things a little differently. Good DIRT (smp) friends have convinced me to come play on the ROAD, so to speak. I approached it with the idea that it would just be work, designed to improve my mountain biking. Probably boring, but a step towards improving my riding.

In reality, it is so much more. Great bunch of new bike friends at Uni, and a whole lot of new things to try. Like elimination races, points races, criteriums, and TTs. I like new things. And I will let you in on a secret, I also like trying to smash people twice my size.

Making it to the final 4 in the Triple Crown Elimination race

The downside is not being able to do everything! I will miss the Uni TT this weekend but there will be others. It is race week for the *big* 24 hour race for the Tailwind SuperSeries. Time to see if the new approach works. The work is done now and this week is about preparing gear and preparing for what is to come.

Goal setting is tricky. Last years results will be hard to work from with the changes in course and likely conditions (as in HORRIFIC, WET, MUDDY conditions). I will likely come up with some sort of process goal and focus on that. The rest should follow.

Do you know how much 24 hours of that ^^^ rips a gooch? I do.
Better bring your brass ones peoples.