Thursday, November 11, 2010

the juice.

You know, there are just some products you get to love. They become part of your routine because they work so well, and there is never any consideration for another option. In fact, without them you feel like you are not prepared.

I feel like this about eLoad - the electrolyte developed by Dr. Doug Stoddard of Medion.
Nutrition is inherently personal because, well, in part it is based on what you like the taste of - and that is undoubtedly individual. But it is also undeniably scientific, and there is a wealth of research and rules to be considered and balanced when making the ultimate sports drink.
I have successfully drunk in eload in many a 24 and I swear by it. I am sure my issues in Timor were in some part contributed to by my lack of eload. BTW - I am not sponsored in any way if that is what you are thinking. I wish.

You can imagine how devastated I am to learn Trek have discontinued the distribution of it in Aus. IMO Trek has never done much for eLoad down under - there is no promotion and half their dealers claim to have never heard of it. I have only ever seen it actually on a shelf in two Trek shops out of the many I have been to.

While Trek was doing the distro my standard sourcing went like this - ring around dealers (it is never in stock, naturally, since they don't know what it is) and ask until I could find someone who was willing to ring Trek and order it in for me. Trek often didn't have it, and I have waited long periods for it to arrive. I used to buy it in 6kg (4 tubs) batches at a time, because this process was so difficult and touch or go as to whether I could even get someone to play - I hoped that buying several hundred bucks of the stuff might make it more attractive for the dealer. True it was at the expensive end of the scale - but this never bothered me as I felt it was worth it.

The fact that I was willing to go through this, should speak for itself in terms of just how good I think this stuff is. And now - nothing. Can't get it. Found one e-tailer that will ship to Australia, but I have to be prepared to pay $150 USD per tub (it's $115 for the shipping).

Arrrrrrghhhh summer is coming - what to do!!!