Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Recovery weeks are good for two reasons. Obviously there is time off the bike for your body to recover and absorb the load - and after a hard cycle that is awesome. But perhaps more importantly in recovery weeks there is more time to spend with family.

With the self focus of riding, it is possible to forget what these guys are doing for you. With kids in the mix, your partner does have to be prepared to take charge of kid minding. I try and minimise this by getting up before everyone else and getting out but still - long rides on the weekend will take me out more than half the day. Not only are these guys missing you, but often I will return home from a ride to find Gareth and Annabel have been baking for me - this week was blueberry and raspberry muffins! Does it get any better? It is great because to know these guys are thinking about me and 'into' what I am doing makes the difference in how I feel heading out the door. There is nothing worse than a hard session, knowing that there is also pressure from home to be at home instead of training. It can be the difference between pushing through the ride or pulling the pin.

Thanks Guys!

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