Saturday, January 31, 2009


This week has been solid on the bike, with a lot of other stuff going on. I got to the long ride of the week, and I had NOTHING. Really. I just looked at the data, and my av HR was 118. Setting new levels of sluggish. The legs just didn't want to turn.
I reminded myself why I was doing it - in theory a little hurt now will save a lot in canmore.
There better be something at the end of this rainbow (actually I think there was coffee - as I swear this rainbow was ending at our new favourite cafe in Samford for mid ride snacks)...
Looking back lots of stuff has happened. Annabel started school, Gareth went to hospital for another hand op, work was busy. In addition, two of my rides were harder in terms of terrain. Hills hills and more hills. My nutrition was ordinary - I am sure I missed a meal or two. I wonder if this is enough to make me feel this fatigued?

Tomorrow is a day off and I am hanging for it. Time to rest up and eat, eat, eat. Next week is even bigger, and there is a race on Sunday. Hope I find somewhere to drop off the nothing or the dusk to dawn is going to hurt. I might just have to put some of it in TR's jersey pocket as he not only took me the 'hilly' way back today (laughing and pointing at his wheel screaming GET ON) but also decided I needed some 'extras' and took us the long way back. Training partners. You thank them later. Much later.


TR said...

A fun ride.
Better to have the nothing now than to have it when you least need it I guess.
Remember that we did seem to cram all of our rides into the back end of the week due to a couple of reasons.
Have a great day off tomorrow and remember me as I work my ass off in my yard.

Rach said...

Prof has 2 cubic metres of rock dumped in his driveway that he has to move. I said I would help. WTF!!! Maybe he will forget.

TR said...

Update your blog you slacker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!