Monday, December 29, 2008

new rides, old fun

Took a ride to Queen Mary Falls with a great bunch on the weekend. It is really fun to ride somewhere new, and good to have that 'not knowing how far you have to go and will I make it' feeling. Was a great group - Meg, Kim, Pete, Sean, Nick, and my usual ride company TR.

The ride started about 20km outside of boonah and went up almost immediately along a road called 'the falls drive'. The mist was swirling as the clouds were lifted over the mountain and there was some reasonable rain - actually quite welcome given it was already 24'c at 6.30 in the morning. Made a mental note never to ride with Meg and Pete again and pledged to give up bikes. We missed out on the view as we reached the first plateau - but not the chain smoking bogans. Once regrouped we quickly pressed on up the second climb. I don't know how high the climbs were or how long we took but I remember that it hurt. I'd like to know the gradient. It was definitely double digits in parts I think.

The scenery on the ride was awesome - rain forest alternating with lush green paddocks. Beautiful river spots with big flat boulders perfect for swimming holes. We noted a few mystery tracks for exploring next time. The traffic was light and ridiculously courteous. Every one waved, people even pulled off the road to allow us to pass - amazing stuff!

We reached Queen Mary and stopped at the cafe for snacks and the obligatory WRB photo shoot.
Back on the bikes and onto the outskirts of Killarney before turning north(ish?) along the condamine river gorge. We made a total of 14 creek crossings travelling the 4WD track back before rejoining the road at the top of the first climb.

By this time both the clouds and bogans had cleared and we got to see the view we had earned. I couldn't see much though, thanks to the size of TR's head.

Wicked descent reminded me of why I LOVE my new bike so much. It is better to descend fast mountain roads on than my road bike. Ridley have it dialled. Thanks to Jez & Ride Inn I dropped everyone on the way down. Some fairly stupid sprinting along the flats to the cars saw 80ish kms in the bank, and 1800m of ascent, followed by chips, beers, and roast beef rolls at the boonah pub. Not a typical MTB day out, but solid training and great fun.

Note to self. Anytime Meg & Pete invite me riding - say yes.


Trickle said...

Tr's head looks photo shopped on!

TR said...

Nope the head is definitely not photoshopped. The body on the other hand?!?!?
I agree. That was an awesome ride and if I dont get the call up for the next one I will be disappointed.

TR said...

More Blog needed!!!

sharyn said...

yes - more comments. With my lack of actual real MTBing at the moment (apparently I could fall off and but the bubba) I am living out my MTB adventures through your blog - so come on... please, please post some more!!