Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Timing it to perfection....

 * Warning - this is a geeky data post, so for those of you that are not that way inclined, look away now.

This is an awesome graph to show a max HR. Not only does it clearly peak you can see me flatlining it and holding on.... I can tell you it hurts.

I've never seen such a clear flatline like that before in my data.... and never seen that blue line up over 60km/hr either... I can say I am giving it everything.  And again, the faithful Koiled train of Duggan and Edwards keeps our record intact.  I am certain that not only would I have been slower without him (obvious!) I would also have not pushed so hard.  Definitely brings out my best riding.

What a great time to be posting PBs of any kind.  Come on Italy!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Tailwind Superseries - Race Two

After a couple of weeks of dry, warm weather I was looking forward to Race Two - another 4 hour at Murrenbong Scout Camp.  For the first time this season, Koiled had a full contingent and the pre-race excitement was high!  TR was back after his broken arm, Dog was in the house, Prof joined the ranks - and Shannon had something special planned.

Racing with these guys makes my day.
The course was a tough one, while seeming short you were always glad to have another lap under your belt.  While the climbing per lap was only 150m, there were no particularly easy climbs... rooty, twisty pinch climbs or rutted out tracks made it feel like twice the amount! The second half of the figure eight course also provided some new, narrow, off camber track.

Tough in the dry, Stupid Tough in the wet.
 And then came the mud.  On cue, a couple of days before the race the showers started. On race day itself it began to rain during lap one and the inevitable occurred.  Leg sapping, bike destroying, gooch ripping mud.  Again.

How long how long how long!!!!! Cleat repairs.

I had some dramas with a cleat that came loose, making it hard to get the necessary pace and even harder to unclip if I couldn't... a fun combo!  Kirsty came to my rescue and tightened up the cleat while I tried to stay calm.  Stopping kills the average speed.  Off I went, and within a km it was gone again.  Nursed it around again, and this time cleaned out the bolt with a smaller allen key before tightening.... Patience!! I could feel the minutes I had put on the field slipping by!!!! Still, better to fix it properly and ride confidently.  She got me going again and this time it stayed done up.  Thanks Ms.K!!!

Women's Solo Podiums - Race Two; Rach, Emma and Tracey.
It was excellent to see so many girls out racing.  Erin Stoklasa and I had our usual on track face off, and a good laugh about it afterwards - something I love about mountain biking.  Everyone understands racing is racing, and we can be good mates afterwards - having a laugh at ourselves, being honest about competing and genuinely wishing each other well.  That's how it should be.  Well done Erin, you were making me hurt and I appreciate being pushed!
My big brother, Sean and one of my best mates, Nick.  Can you believe we are still smiling?

Ride of the day goes to Sophia and Shannon.  Sophia, 7 years old, turned up and had a go at her first race in very tough conditions.  All with her Dad on another Koiled masterpiece - a blinging Ventana 29er Tandem!  Alan Uthmann captured this shot which I think sums it up.  Sophia legging it and cutting Dads lunch!  Dare you to look at that picture and not smile!!!

Now my thoughts turn to Italy.  Can't be too many cliffs??!