Tuesday, June 23, 2009

hard work

You're doin it RIGHT !

Monday, June 22, 2009


The long ride this weekend called for something at race pace. A tough ask on top of all the intervals. I knew it was going to hurt because:
  1. walking up the stairs was enough to feeeeeeeeeel the burn
  2. I was on a 26' dually and my fellow racers were on 29er SS
  3. our chosen course was Mt Nebo and
  4. my fellow racers were MattDog and TR.

The day dawned beautifully. Or atleast I assume it did, you couldn't actually see it because of the rain PELTING down. Still, it was a dirt ride on fire road... no excuses. The plan was for a hard up and back. With the cafe closed it was pretty easy to check the gap between each of us, happy snap and then turn around and head for home, especially given the weather.

Strange thing is I didn't hurt as badly as I expected. At first I felt like death and my legs did hurt. But a few stupid bunny hops and few poorly timed and illogical attacks, plus a concerted attempt to find my groove had me cruising. Particularly enjoyed laying the hurt down on the way home, mostly on myself. :)

Can't wait for insomnia this weekend, smashed legs or not. Will be AWESOME.

Friday, June 19, 2009

finding the spirit of a great 24hour

I am getting through this week. 2 intensity sessions down, one to go. It is not as bad as it could be because I know for sure I am nearly there. Psychological theory tells us that motivation is stronger as the reward gets closer. No brainer I guess.... but race day is nearly here and that means it is easier to roll out the door.

Time to start thinking about my head. I truely believe 24 hours is as much about that, as your body and fitness. God, these races can hurt. and if you let your head get in the wrong place it can be insurmountable and it WILL end your race. before you know it you are pulling in for extended rests, or finding reasons to not ride. The reasons are always there, it is just whether or not you choose to focus on them.

my daughter had her first sports carnival this week. nothing like watching a bunch of 5 year olds just getting into 'the doing'; it is all you need. Also helps to have a kook dancing on the sidelines. Sean, TR - take note.

Monday, June 15, 2009

2.5 weeks of hurt

That is how my coach Steve has described my next 2.5 weeks.

Can someone tell me why is it whenever training gets hard, work also decides to get busy, school has things to attend and everything becomes chaotic? On the plus side I know this at time I am so very nearly there and it would seem the training really is working. I think I am fitter than I have ever been. I rode a nebo on the weekend, and didn't even notice the first of the two major climbs.... spent the last 3rd of the ride wondering where the other climb was - when I had already done it!!!! Encouraging. I remember only a couple of years ago when I had my first ride up south boundary.... I am sure there was walking involved.

Brekkie at Nebo - a great weekend event
I can see the otherside - once I get through these next few hurt weeks I will be almost into taper time for Canada. I cannot wait, it has been a hard slog. Taper will be when I will find the time to arrange, pick up and pack gear. Having travelled twice on planes to races this year means I know the drill and I feel confident.

In other news, friends are great!
One is rebuilding my bike - thanks Shannon.
One is loaning me something to ride in the meantime - thanks MattDog.
One is getting up to ride with me morning after morning after morning - thanks TR.
One is loaning me some spare wheels - thanks Winner.
EDIT: and ONE of them (the small one) designed my race jersey - thanks FLYguy.

A few are racing Insomnia with me for some 4-person fun (Mick, TR, and Shan!). Bring it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

44 Days

Time to get it together.

Start to set expectations at work that I won't be doing any extras for the next couple of months.
Start to create lists of what to take, what to buy, what to order.
Service the shocks.
Avoid anyone who is sick like the plague!!!
Much of the fitness work is done. Time to finish it off, and dial in the MTB skills. OHV it is.

Canada is coming.