Friday, December 21, 2012

Off in the Off Season

Now is the time to take a bit of unstructured downtime.  Time to recharge the mental and physical batteries so that they have what it takes for my 2013.  Which is going to be huge.  Lining up for a host of big races.  Battle on the Border, Cunningham, BIG TT's, and of course my priority the WEMBO 24 Hour World Champs on home soil at Stromlo.

So what do you do in the offseason?
I think it is whatever you feel like.  Ride, don't ride but whatever you do keep active.
I've been hitting the dirt with my bestie dirt skirt Mifflin.
Cupcakes & Rocks Rock.

Been getting out to a crit or two as well, just to keep the fitness there and to put some hurt on the boyz.
Twilight Series Points Race Podium.  Heat + Gales + Points = HURT.

Twilight Series Race One Podium
Getting stuck into it with TR-Frank.
Hopefully a week of cross training with a snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef will bring me back here ready to roll. 

Can't wait really :)