Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pitchblack solo

Night races are just made for queensland at this time of year! It was 35'c while we were setting up and I was particularly grateful when the sun dropped down below the horizon to provide some relief. Gareth went for a pre-race lap on his dirt jump bike to 'see what kind of stuff you guys ride all night' and rode closer to my average lap time that I am ever likely to admit!! Animal! On a Giant STP.

Tailwind put on a great race - tshirts and bottles for all competitors. Big tent with TV and DVDs for kids. BBQs selling great burgers, and free brekkie for riders. And best of all, a tough track.

I have learned to love the track at OHV. I still remember the first inferno race. It blew my mind, and to me seemed incredibly and impossibly technical. I have slowly learned how to ride rough rocky terrain and not get blistered hands (hello death grip) and there is not too much there that gets the better of me now. I've definitely improved since sacrificing a helmet to the OHV gods in the early days (still finished the lap)...

I had a really enjoyable race. Both TR and Nick were soloing so often times I found I had company. I also made new lap buddies friends like Ky..... and received plenty of encouragement for Bozz and the Dog. After the over-crowded track at the Scott, OHV space was a welcome change.

Having just come back from China, I decided that my aim was to cruise. 10 laps was the goal. I cruised and managed 12 laps before knowing I was 3 laps up, that I could sit down and enjoy breakfast while watching riders come in from their last lap. Nice to finish what has been a MASSIVE year with a 1st and 132km of single under my belt.

Thanks to Jezza from Ride Inn for the mid-race tune up on the Ridley!!!

What's next?
A catch up with Coach Tapper from uTurn Fitness for program setting for 2010.
Steve has made me fitter and faster than ever before, and the plan for 2010 is to step it up.
Come ON!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

coming up.....

Next event is pitchblack - 12 hour enduro that runs all night long. I have been back in the saddle a few days a week and generally getting moving prior to the onslaught that will be my next uTurn program. Not really enough for a hardcore 12 hour solo, but I think I have a lap or two up my sleeve. Particularly exciting is that this will be a family affair with Gareth and Annabel heading out to camp and support me.... a rare treat.

Should be fun considering I am spending that week working in China. What can I say, I hope the hotel has a bike in the gym, no alcohol for me on the plane, lots of water, and neck to toe skins whenever I am not in a suit will be the order of the day.
Maybe the low oxygen atmosphere of the plane will give me the edge?!?!
Maybe the slight jet jag will work in my favour by perking me up right when everyone else is ready for sleep?!?!
Maybe it is going to hurt more than usual!
Maybe I can't wait!

EDIT: Rhino warns that apparently I get to expect several days of hacking coughs due to chinese pollution. Breathing. Over-rated.

Monday, November 2, 2009


This weekend saw the long weekend road ride reintroduced as I slowly work back into some semblance of training. We had to stop at this place along the corso for a group pic.... not only had these guys put a bunch of effort in to decorate, they really bought home the creepy theme with knee deep empties in the front yard, and the front door wide open to an otherwise silent house. Happy Halloween!

I figure if entries to the worlds are open, it is probably a clear sign to get my ass into gear. It's been great getting work done around the house, getting my job ramped up again with some major RFPs and generally being totally relaxed on weekends - but I am missing my bike. Things are warming up in Vegas and I need to get some riding under my belt before summer's heat well and truly arrives.

My main training buddy, TR, has finally figured out how to flip the switch in his head and is also on the same trajectory for October. Time to get serious.