Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cross Training

In addition to loving mountain biking, I also spend time racing around the Adventure Racing circuit. Having hung up the AR boots to get a bit of focused riding done, I have discovered something new. An AR racer not currently in a team is a popular person. AR is tough, right. And bodies get busted. So if people know you are not entered, the week before the race the phone starts ringing as people search for replacements for sick, busy or broken team mates.

I ended up saying yes to a good friend of mine - Sharyn. She loves her AR and generally ends up on the podium for the female teams. Never having raced a girls team, I thought why not!! What a great day out! We had a great time together and the team work and encouragement absolutely made the race for me. We had a very exciting and tense race, exchanging the lead with the 'Injini Salomon Suuntos' too many times to count. In the end our monolopy knowledge let us down and they got away. Thanks guys! The 2nd place and new shoes was just icing on the cake.
This bull's got NOTHING!
My 80's song identification wasn't too bad.
Slip and slide target practice is harder than it looks.

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