Thursday, September 4, 2008

Riders Christmas Comes Early

One of the best times in a bike nuts life is the getting of a new bike.
And I don't have long to wait. Thanks to my great sponsors at Riders Cyclery I will soon be aboard a new Ridley Blaze 2.0.

Ridleys have not really been about too much in Australia. No-one here really paid much attention until Cadel rode his Ridley into 2nd at this years Tour. Most people are surprised to hear I am getting onboard a Ridley mountain bike. Do Ridely even make mountain bikes?
Yep, they sure do. The 2009 range is also second generation, despite the fact we haven't seen many here. I guess Belgium is a long way! The Blaze design is centred around the horst/FSR linkage so that is well and truly proven design, not much risk there. As a 24 rider, the most attractive thing about the Ridley Blaze to me was the weight. Off the shelf this bike is considerably lighter that the other brands I considered. With a bit of bling it will be superlight. And I can't wait.


Trickle said...

Spose it looks ok for a girls bike :-P

Rach said...

have a goood look at the pictures, coz you will only normally see it from behind... :P

Russell Worthington said...

Looks fast Rach. Booooya!