Thursday, September 18, 2008

The hard yards

This has been a solid week. After the usual cruisy ride to kick off the week (river loop, mainly focused on coffee intervals and bacon) it was into Race Elements for strength and conditioning. This is usually where the week gets hard, and this week was no exception. Thing i hate the most about weights is knowing at the time although the session itself is not that bad, in 48 hours you will be in a world of HURT. But there are still rides to be done.

Wednesday AM was a hard ride from ironbark into Dayboro and back with Matt Dog and TR. I was meant to be doing an E1 ride, but when Matt Dog calls you for a turn on the front what are you going to do! And when he says from your wheel 'push it, just to the next yellow sign' what are you going to do?! Hurt yourself. Thankgod for the banana in my jersey pocket as TR hit the wall and I was right there too giving him a leg up. Have you ever seen two idiots happier to be back at a carpark?

Today I picked up my MTB from some work from my great sponsor Riders. And it helped me remember why I am doing this all this hard work. NO CHARGE. I could get used to that, thank Jezza. Even better I then took Gareth (husband) out to Daisy Hill for his first visit, and after the trails we hammered a few laps on this just to be kids.

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