Monday, September 15, 2008

Not much doing.

Nothing much doing this week. Clocking up the kilometers as per the program.
Spring is definitely here, with the light and temperatures seriously on the up this week. It is great but it also tells me that November is not far away!

Highlight of the week was the long ride on Sunday. TR and Nick, who are turning out to be my weekend long ride regulars, were present and accounted for. We were also joined by Meg, who is nothing short of "hero" on the Aus MTB scene. We cruised over to Samford from the Gap, and out a bit towards Dayboro before looping back and taking on the Goat Track. We bumped into other ride buddies at the cafe at Nebo and had some laughs at Matt Dog trying to drown himself by shaking pepsi and putting his mouth over it as he opened it..... toooooo funny!
It was a great morning, and nice to chat as we rode, though we did suffer a bit of a case of 'keepstopping-itis'. The picture below, shows a case - note the key symptoms -the rider has thrown his bike in the bush, is sitting on his ass, and is eating. The head may also seem larger than normal. If this happens to you immediate treatment with a good dose of HTFU is recommended.For once it was not an E1 type ride for me - I had some heavy work sections prescribed in my long ride, so when we hit the hill I hurt myself all the way up. I was satisified with my efforts, and even better today there is no trace of fatigue in my legs. I AM getting stronger, I can feel it.

Bring it on.

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