Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So I am in my third week of a program and suffering. Not just here and there, but every session.
What is the culprit? Is it simple fitness? Is it the weight training I introduced and resultant changes in my body? Is it residual fatigue from the mega-long events I have done? Is my program right?

I don't know the answer to any of these. The urge is to start changing things. But the reality is I have only just started. I need to give myself at least 4 weeks to settle in. I think the diagnosis is a simple case "i-used-to-be-better-than-this-itis".

It is an interesting question. Am I better off carrying an extra 4kgs (that's a lot when you weigh in the 50's - like adding say 6 to 8% of your body mass) for the additional power it provides?
4 kilos may not sound like much..... but think of those rides when you put on a camelbak with a full 3litre bladder on. That sucker is heavy...... so an extra 4kgs must require greater effort. My mind is not set. Some riders I have spoken to say ditch it. Some say stick with it. I will give the program some time to settle and then I may have to run some controlled experiments!!!

One thing is for sure. The first ride of the week is my favourite. It is my only MTB ride at the moment.... and even the pre-dawn freezing cold creek crossings couldnt spoil the fun of ripping down the singletrack with a couple of ride buddies. Note to self - take camera with. Blogs without pictures SUCK!.

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