Sunday, August 10, 2008

Better Days

This weekend like all others was time for the long ride of the week. And it was time to take it to the hills. It has been a really, really long time. I used to love the hills, but with my current lack of form I have been experiencing a change of heart. I hate the hills. It is no fun falling off the back, and watching everyone disappear upwards as you push the pedals around and try to get get it over with! Your legs burn and you heart pounds. You can't get your breath in hard or fast enough. And it smashes you. For the rest of the ride, molehills are mountains. And mountains .. urrrghhhhhhhhh don't even go there. This ride was to take us up the goat track, and then onwards and upwards to Mt Glorious. The turn for home would be via Mt Nebo, and while there are some great descents there are still a number of climbs.

On the road through Samford I sat on the wheels of the boys, concerned already about how hard I was working to stay with them on the flat. If I was working this hard now, how would I be when we hit the hills... would I hit the wall? Only one way to find out!!!
We reached the goat track. The climbs were here. I jumped on Andrews wheel and concentrated on finding a rhythm. TR and I changed up a few gears so we had somewhere to go when it hurt later! And you know what..... I think better days are on their way.... For the first time in a long time I wasn't last. In fact I was pretty close to first up that climb. And don't it feeeeeel good!

I was really happy with the rest of my ride to Glorious and then on via Nebo to home.... we arrived at my place smashed enough to lay on the lawn and eat the food left in our pockets!
What a great ride.....

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