Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Brass Monkeys.

This week Brisvegas has been experiencing some really cold, cold nights. For those of us that squeeze our training into the wee hours, prior to jobs, family and other things this is prime time.
Tuesday is my mountain bike ride and easily the favourite of the week. Even with that in mind, it was hard to get out the door and on the bike at 5.30.
There was frost everywhere as we rolled into the reserve area at Gap Creek. I would have appreciated the view of everything sparkling under lights, except that my eyeballs were frozen almost solid. It took a long time to warm up, but eventually we able to smile again for the camera... Despite the cold, I enjoyed myself - rode more than last week and was definitely off the brakes a little more!

The real challenge was this morning. With all my ride buddies bailing, I still had 2 hours saddle time on the road to clock. It was cold. It is a holiday. I am sore from weights. I am tired. How to get out the door? Remember WHY. Why I am doing it. I want to ride well at the Kona 24 in November and will my qualification for the 2009 24 solo world champs. That's why. Gear on, bike ridden, kms in the bank. Word.


Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

Worst photography EVER!!!!!!!


rhino said...

Welcome to the world of BLOGGING!!!