Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No-one Else

This weekend I am off to ride the Half Epic. Scary! I have entered in my age group as I have absolutely no idea how this race will go. It is a lot quicker than my normal long, slow efforts so I expect it will hurt. A lot. I am confident with most of the course, but I have had some hard crashes at Grandchester before and split helmets into pieces, so caution will be the word of the day. Descents full of baby head sized rocks sound like fun!?!?!!!

Despite having gotten around the enduro circuit I have never, ever ridden any type of marathon MTB race - half or otherwise. I decided to enter to practice some of the mental skills I need for 24 hour racing. I know I can do the distance. The challenge for me is to settle and race without paying attention to anyone else. Focus on the process. Learning to ride your own race is, in my opinion, a critical skill in 24 racing. I can already feel the temptation. Who has entered, what do they look like, should I start near them. No, no, no. Ride your own race. A reminder.To this end, I have no buddies coming to the event with me. No support. Drive myself down, ride, drive myself back. Of course there will be plenty of mates around at the finish line to talk trash with - actually I am sure that will be my favourite part. A few easy rides for the rest of the week and Sunday will be here before I know it. I can't wait.


Trickle said...

Heya Singer, only just found your blog! Though I had an idea it was in the making;-)

Looking foward to catching up with you kids post Epic on Sunday, wana ride lead out for me?

Rach said...

lead out alright, if you can catch me kook. According to the start times I totally get 10mins on you boyz.

Trickle said...

Well sister, you better be ready to jumo the back of us when we come by!!

Rach said...

Stop spoiling my no-one else plan.... !!!