Friday, December 19, 2008


Over christmas it is time to kick back with the family, and ride for fun. No programs, no pressure. If I don't feel like it, sleep in.

With 2008 drawing to a close, there is reflection on the year that was.
Like 2007 I have completed some great adventures - Inferno, Dusk 2 Dawn, The national 24s, ARQ Adventure racing series incuding Hells Bells, Geoquest, Insomnia, The Epic, Teva Adventure Race, Kona 24 hour.

What will 2009 hold?
World Solo Champs? Nationals? More marathons? Probably.

And I can't wait.
It starts again with an epic ride to Queen Mary Falls on the 27th with a couple of my bike heros (hello Meg, hello Winner).

It is probably also time to say thanks to my main riding buddy for 2008. Always up for a ride, and always happy to do whatever it is I am meant to be doing that day. Thanks TR.And buy a new undershirt. That one is nasty!


TR said...

Thanks Rach.
Now if I could just get you to drag your arse out of bed a few extra days a week. :-P>

Rach said...

no point in peaking early... will save that for my lead up to something important!

Trickle said...

Like puberty?

Rach said...

why would you line yourself up for the SAME burn again trickle? Your mind is slower than your race rides....

Trickle said...

I just love being burnt by you mumma Rach.