Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 and the 1%

As every athlete reviews their season and looks to the next they ask the question - how will I improve this year.  When you have a few hard seasons under your belt you get to the point where you have the discipline to hit all the sessions and ride to the best of your ability on race day. You have fixed all the easy/dumb things and now this question gets hard! 

This year I am shaping up racing plans that allow me to tick a few items off the bucket list.  Do a proper roadie Stage racing Tour.  Get to A Grade.  Get my SS mountain bike up and running again. Find a european MTB race and get my bad ass self there (Finale you ruined me for LIFE!).

This year I know at the start of the season I am fitter and faster than I was this time last year.  It follows that as I load in my training the adaptation end point should be higher up the awesome scale.

But what can I do to get that extra little bit out of myself?

Great Coach?  Sorted.

Bike Friendly Family arrangements? Sorted.

Willingness to hurt? Sorted.

Kick Ass Riding Krew? Sorted.

Strength and Conditioning? Sorted (thanks to Andrew the animal at Body Buzz).


Nutrition and Body Comp? Sorted (yep, more poliquin biosignature stuff from Andrew!)

So what can I add. REVIVE.
It is time to start nailing my recovery, both active and passive.  And the key to this is going to be adding the discipline of yoga and stretching classes through my generous sponsorship at Revive.  It is funny that as an athlete you can push yourself to failure time and again training but cannot manage to stretch a muscle in front of the TV to save your life. Maybe it is because I don't watch TV! But I know you guys know what I am talking about... The thing I love about this place, where I have already been a client for over year, is that you can have treatment AND do preventative work all with the same people - and typically with one who is specialised in your sport.  Invaluable.  Though racing your physio is always a challenge - what is the etiquette there!?

Revive is supporting an amazing bunch of athletes.  In addition to the services I get access to, I am also deriving a lot of motivation and inspiration from the dedication and talent of those around me.  If you want classes or need a physio you should consider going here not just because they are exceptional - but perhaps because of their fantastic support for athletes.  23 of us in total.  They are passionate about us and it shows.

In 2013 this will be my 1%.  What is yours?


Buzz said...


I am not a WORLD class athlete. You are. True.

At times..I look back on the *trajectory* my life has traveled. I ask myself what were the physical influences that affected it. Could I have modulated them differently? To a different end?

Goals ..ahem. Yeah I had some. Ambitions? Oh F'in yeah! Still do(Colorado plateau spring 2013!!!)

Now I trade 'amplitude' for 'frequency' on the..... "wave".

I THINK I will get to the same place...?

You inspire..yes!



rachel edwards said...

you got the frequency - I got the amplitude.... we have the same wave length. dont need the formulas to tell us we are sharing the same space :)

ride on! colorado sounds perfect.

Buzz said...

One more,

You got 'Dr. Mifflin' on that RARE protein diet program???

She got some 'beef' in her somewhere..waaaay down in there......somewhere?