Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Brisbane Blast.

The QSM Brisbane Blast saw my first real ride in the open Women's A grade, courtesy of a mixed field.  At the moment I am in Base training, coming into the crit with a three week build up in my legs.  I have also started up my Yoga classes at Revive. My strength coach warned me that someone like me doing yoga would be like a heavy metal fan listening to classical music.  He was probably right.  Managed to make myself well sore somewhere in all that restoration and relaxation.  So to the job at hand - Ok brain - don't expect to be nailing my top speed sprint and do expect my legs to be screaming.  Expectations set, now ignore it and ride.

It was a blinder.  With some ex-pros and national champions present it was the deepest quality field I have raced with.  And with A, B and C combined it gave us a field of 30 something girls.  A tight, technical circuit with hard cornering, roundabouts and a hill made for a great course and increased the difficulty.

From the moment the neutral car rolled off, it was full on.  The girls were aggressive, smart and skilled.  Hmmmmmm. Yes - not in B grade any more.  I had to ride my legs off just to stay in the bunch!  As my legs burned I spared a thought for the lower grade girls, though a quick look over my shoulder told me most had been shelled and there was now a fraction of the bunch left racing.  There were a few solo girls and a three teams riding.  My first experience of really seeing these tactics in action.  It was interesting to compare how the different teams worked together.  In between bursts of searing pain I contemplated who was doing it well, and who wasn't as good. 

A break went up the road and most of the field sat up, having a team member up the road.  That left it to the lone wolves to do something about it.  No-one wanted to play and even though I knew a solo rider would not make a dint in lead group I had a couple of digs - mostly because sitting up does not sit well with me.

After a couple of goes Dyane from Data 3 and Jess from QSM joined so we strung it out but the break girls of Sam, Carla and Jasmine had the day sewn up and we were well out of time.  Chapeau girls!

Like most big races there was a little bit of bitchy behaviour.  I guess you can train the legs but you can't teach class.  From my perspective I have respect for those around me and find that kind of attitude distasteful and out of place.  Here we are joined in battle, going hard and yes people want to win.  However you can be fiercely competitive and still be respectful.  Yes there are winners and losers in every race, but there doesn't have to be assholes.  Perplexing.

Still nothing a good dose of mtb DIRT goodness wont flush away!

Rock on :)

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Buzz said...

Rach wrote:"....mostly because sitting up does not sit well with me."

...forget the 'class' ...do what you do...follow YOUR path..after you have been down that path a thousand times you will not care anymore..you will only BE on that path..your path.

It's ALL we got gal and it's good.....trust.