Monday, January 7, 2013

Base Miles

So this week saw a return to some structure after three months of mayhem.

2012 delivered some significant changes in my life which have a heavy impact on two wheels.  But I believe you can figure anything out and I will.  If you want it enough you will do it.  If you don't, then you will make excuses. I want to be in Canberra in October.

So let's begin.

We are blessed weather-wise this summer.  I hope 2013 brings blue skies!

I also have awesome training partners and teamies who are right by my side.    Whether it be a friday morning bunchie.....

or a one on one, targeted smashfest.

And I am still signing up to rides I have no business being on.  Turns out Masters A is somewhat quicker than Masters B.  Still someone said to me once 'If you want to get better, ride with people who are better than you".   It is true (mostly).  

These guys are better than me, on this day.  But who knows what the future holds if I am willing to work.  And I guarantee with the Koiled guys shoulder to shoulder - I'll enjoy the ride!

 Let's roll.

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