Monday, January 2, 2012

whats your flavour?

On the new years menu, Koiled was up to many and varied things.
They all had something in common.  See if you can spot it!

First up, I had to deliver a coot-tha TT so Coach Cupcake can check my progress.  These things always hurt, but this was something special, after I had put away 3+ hours of single track the day before. 

Time was satisfactory and the view, once I could see again was lovely!

On to today, our main bunch rolled from Eatons Hill to Dayboro.  What was sold to me as a shortish out and back turned into the inevitable racing for 60's and TT up Mt Mee which added up to slightly more than I was planning but with the impending bike free holiday coming up, I was happy enough to roll the kms.

Trickle joined us in the bunch, looking fine in his Koiled kit and rolling his Elmo.  He is riding strong!

After yesterdays effort of a Coot-tha TT I started the ride in the locker.  Naturally there was only one treatment I know of for being in the locker.  ATTACK.

It was shortlived and we settled down for approximately 6 minutes. Then, after offerring Scotty some advice about pedalling if you are on the front of the peleton travelling downhill, he showed us his current form and from there the locker drew a crowd.  Yes, it got crowded in there. Shannon kindly offered to take my place when he opted for MtMee in the big ring.

I can be seen here offerring moral support and checking on his well being. 

Nick was notably absent.  Something about wanting an easier session than the Mt Mee smashfest.....
He can be seen here relaxing as the UQ sports physicians seek to find out what it is about Koiled that makes us full animal.

It's how we roll.


Trickle said...

That photo of Shannon (sans his lower intestine) is fecking gold!

Cant wait to put some hurt on the hubbards with you lot this year.

Anonymous said...

Schweet jebus! She-He-Animals. Best moving selfie photos ever......Ummmm and I think you're a former shell of yourself, maybe left of Cootha and Mt Mee....where did you go?!?!!!!!! Mt Mee. Big Ring. Eye Bleeder! Nice work.... Miff