Saturday, December 31, 2011

pay dirt

Been making an effort to get my wheels back to the dirt, and strangely enough it is not much of an effort.  In fact, it is completely full of awesome.  Three hours flew by largely due to the excellent company.

The Koiled Dirt Krew were pretty much all present and accounted for, however it appears Miff didn't get the wheel size memo. As I looked through the pics from the morning it occurred to me there are some CRAZY BLINGING NICE bikes in our bunch.

Jim was so awed by the line up of bikes that he was to forced to stop and adjust is sock height.  In fact he got to spend the morning on a Santa Cruz Tallboy loaner from TR.  Who gets a TALLBOY LOANER!!!! (unless you are Prof in Sedona....another story.)....

 Nick opted for hardman status and left the Form Ti HT and gears at home, schlepping it on his SS Niner.

 Truck wheeled out his beautiful steel Blacksheep SS 29er.... man that is one nice looking bike.  Note the perfection in grip to paint job matching, 

Not to be outdone, TR rolled his blinged out custom BlackSheep 29er HT - pretty similiar to the highlight for those up on their Blacksheeps.

I got to roll my new 2012 racing wheels - my koiled carbon HT 29er, tricked out with Industry Nine custom pink wheels. Careful matching to my Santa Cruz from a geo point of view meant she was pretty much point and shoot out of the box.  Stupid light, manouevrable, and slick looking.  This bike is going to be fun.  I think I will name her the 'hell bitch'.
Never one to shy away from Pink, Shan rolled his Koiled 29er too.
These were to be our Mawson bikes ...and who knows maybe one day they still will be.  The race cancellation still cuts me deep!!!

 Miff rolled to the beat of her own drum with her Santa Cruz superlight baby. 
I guess we can let her sneak into this 29er heavy crowd because it is a blinging Santa Cruz, and because we love her crazy ways.

Till next time.....   Ride what ya brung!!!!!

* thanks to Miff for the insanely fine mobile phone photography.

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Anonymous said...

Rach: Nice work, there was some serious bling going on..... "hell bitch"....I think that will work....for both of ya. ;-) XOXO