Sunday, January 15, 2012

time out for a summer holiday...

Not much bike stuff doing lately as I took some time out with my two favourite people for a holiday to Tasmania.

We spent our first few days in Hobart staying in the historic Salamanca area in a converted sandstone docks warehouse.  Hobart is a lovely city that is overlooked by an awesome peak - Mt Wellington.  We managed an afternoon of walking around the summit realising that this was truely a freezing part of the world - despite being high summer!  From there we dropped down, completed the walk to Sphnix Rock and then retired to the local Pinot's and Seafood.  It is a hard life.

The summit of Mount Wellington.  Freezing.  It was snowing where I am standing, 4 days later!

After Hobart, we made our way to a magnificent and pristine part of the world - Coles Bay and Freycinet National Park. 

View from Coles Bay town across to Freycinet National Park and range called The Hazards
We stayed in a little beach house right on the water, and spent our days in the mountains you can see above, hiking through the park.  Formed from pink Granite, a mix of mica, feldspar and quartz, the Hazards make for an awesome walking wonderland.

I was unsure how she'd go, but Annabel did a great job and walked The Hazards to Wineglass Bay, and also the other side to Hazards Beach.  Both graded as 'difficult' walks.  Nice one!

Happy to have reached a lolly break!

Wineglass bay, on the opposite side of the Hazards to Coles Bay.  Walkers or Boaties only!
We also managed short walks into Sleepy Bay and Cape Tourville.
Sleepy Bay complete with Rainbow.  Amazing kelp forests in cold, cold water!

 We saw a few of the locals while we were in town.....

Up close with the locals.
Too close!!  I hate Emus and this one is sticking it's head over my shoulder to rip the bag of food out of my hand.

Local Kookaburra looking for skinks!

Local skink hiding from Kookaburras.

For Westwood - nice leptospermum.
All in all a great trip. 
We've returned ready for the new year and I for one am ready to rip into it.  Stand by....
Now, where's my bike!

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TR said...

Looks fantastic.
Might have to get my clan down there soon.
But the words summer and then the images of you guys in hoodies is a little confusing for me. :-S