Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vault Crit

TR, Shan and I lined up for the Vault Crit on the weekend.  With big money and a very mixed grade it was always going to have some hairy moments.  But definitely a little more than we bargained for.  I felt good going in.  The day before we'd had a good, fast crit with a practiced finish that gave 1st and 2nd.  Nick and TR also took 5th and 7th - 4 in top 7 is definitely approaching the KOILED TRAIN. Anyways, race day and I had warmed up, bike was dialled, and I was ready.

* photo by Anthony Hartley

I was aiming to sit in and see what's what before working my way up towards the pointy end for the finish.  With my current sprint I was hoping not too many would be getting away from me.  Working your way anywhere in the chaotic mess was tough.  I watched people shelled off the track every lap on the chicanes as some straight lined it and some followed the curves.  Inside was no good - you'd be off the track.  Middle was no good, you were getting squeezed.  Outside - ok for one corner, but it became inside on the next bend, see first comment.  Coming into the last few laps I forced my way up.  Last lap, the pace was high and suddenly fore runners became mid pack as everyone tried to push forward.  Two bars hooked next to me (on a straight piece of track no less) and a loss of control, they then claimed me and another rider.  I have to have a laugh at all those MAMILS who are quick to blame women riders or young riders (insert 'anyone but us' riders) for being at fault.  Clearly none of them saw the incident.  I suppose they should get rid of all the women and young riders from the TDF.  That would solve the crashes.... oh, wait a minute.....

* photo by Morbo

In the 10 years I have owned a roadie I have never managed to crash it.  First time for everything, and it now occurs to me that if you are midpack you are a passenger.  I can tell you 53km to 0km is not enjoyable and neither is large amounts of road rash.  Be at the front or the back I think.

 There were three crashes in the last lap, or so I hear.  Hope all involved heal quick and are back rolling soon.
Thanks to all who contacted me to check in!  Greatly appreciated, and yes was back on the trainer on Monday, and out and about on Tuesday ( I was not crying I had something in my eye).

One the plus side the koiled Ti bike and Mad Fibers were definitely generating some interest for Shan.  Look forward to them arriving, head to the koiled site if you have enquiries.

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Anonymous said...

Rach, Crazy crit m'fer......Dirt rash is so much more automatically awesome than crit rash...;-) I'm worried about the crit track to be honest....there is some she-beast leather and talons there somewhere.....gnar up and on. ;-)
PS Loving the Mad fiber video....but who's the Mad Smiley one in etttttttttttt.
Miff ;-X