Monday, November 28, 2011

fortune favours the brave

After a fairly heinous road crash I can tell you getting on the road bike again is tough. 

And getting on it to rub shoulders with the usual suspects in a crit is even tougher.  The skin heals, bruises fade and the stiffness and pain subside.  But you have to fix your head.  In a sport where a moment hesitation means you missed the opportunity, and being afraid means you can't hang in there is no room for fear.

So I told fear to get gone the best way I knew how.  I got on my bike, I paid my money and I raced HPRW.

I stayed upright, I had support from my koiled team mates and somewhere in there I rolled to my best ever result in the presence of some good competition (Donna, Nik and Jemma).

I guess I am choosing to believe fortune favours the brave.
Ride on.

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Anonymous said...

And a favoured brave beast you are....;-) Nice selfie portrait .... now as you were....get on with it and rip it up ;-)