Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A brief intermission

My day job requires that I travel from time to time - and although this does play havoc with regular bike training, I like my job. 

This time round I was off to the USA, to visit Houston and Seattle.  As it were I was still busy regrowing skin so I guess, apart from the discomfort of flying with pieces missing - it was probably a good time to go!   You certainly cant miss it when you land here - LAX loves a flag.
The first few days were a blur - into Houston late, full day workshop the next day. 

Our office in Houston had a couple of very cool things - including this.... a treadmill office. 

Puts new meaning into being trapped on the treadmill of work!  I want the ERGO version but I cannot imagine the Australian OH&S concerns allowing it.  

I often eat what the locals eat as the food of a place to me is an essential element for culture immersion.  This time around I got to try a Texas specialty - a 'chicken fried steak'.

WTF if a chicken fried steak? Well it has no chicken.  It is fried, and it is steak.   The chicken part comes from the KFC type batter that surrounds the steak.  mind boggling. 


 Then at day's end Houston was disapearing behind me and I was heading north, to Seattle where a 4 day intensive with the best and brightest Dream Team awaited me. 

 Seattle (home of MAD FIBER!) was a cool city.  One of our UQCC girls, Devon - calls it home and offered to hook me up with some riding.  

Unfortunately taking a bike for this whirlwind trip was not an option.  And based on the locals behaviour detailed in the local street press - maybe I am glad.  I don't want to see a Raccoon on a Koiled.

So I settled for a bit of the dreaded gym work when I could fit it in.  And if not, no matter.  I prioritised getting home without some kind of upper respiratory infection from pushing too hard. 

And it worked!!!!!  I have to figure a week of little training sets me back less than an illness.

Top of the list for Seattle's cool things were Ryan's new electric car.

Goes well, just don't use the heater on a long drive.  Nuff said!

Ryan sorted my shoppping - he took me to REI headquarters where I picked up a bunch of stuff.
Then onto 'Seattles best bike shop' (allegedly) - Gregg's Cycles - where I added a new saddle to my luggage for about 50% of the shelf price here.  

This week, back to training - ouch.


TR said...

Chicken Fried Steak.
I think they have this on the menu at Garage. :P

Anonymous said...

On tour off's how we roll,,,,but I'm glad you're rolling back....the wheels fall off while your gone....;-)
PS So want footage of coffee break on the office walker....