Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So things have been pretty quiet round here.... I am still trying to get over the cold virus I had that gave me so much grief. In general I am well, but unfortunately my lungs just don't want to play the game yet. It has kept me off the dirt and on the road in cruise mode only.  Current diagnosis is post viral inflammation which now sees me onto some pretty hardcore asthma type steroids.  Hoping for some improvement to avoid doing the whole bloods/xray thing.  Never been there before, and not in a hurry to experience it! I think the real diagnosis is a chronic lack of patience which I am trying to correct.

Disappointing to not be at capacity for the 24hr, and still not fit for the recent road Metros - but still managed to get amongst it with the Uni SheBeasts in the EliteB Crit.  We are getting our act together as a team and I really enjoyed riding with them and working together.

Casually Planking the Podium, as you do.
Nic and Nerida were amazing launching attack after attack.  Dom also pitched in, while saving some legs for her hard core kick. Dom and I finished 5/6th. We weren't all able to attend - soon we will have Georgie, Miff and Stef back too.  That's SEVEN.  And I happen to think Anne won't be too far away either!

Uni SheBeasts at the Metros - Nic, Dom, Rach and Nerida (thx for the pics MIFF).
We'll be putting up a fight at the upcoming HPRW Women's Series and the planning has started!

For now though, I am focused on getting well.  And then getting to Mawson.  Will be a smashdown.  Everyone was is anyone is going to be there and it will be on.  Can't wait !!!

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Anonymous said...

IF and only IF you crack a rib, I'll send some lovin caring thoughts your way. Otherwise....take yr time.... gives me some reclaimed crit-attack air time.....
Miff ;-x
Seriously, hurry up and get better, the counselling sessions are racking up my phone bill.