Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tailwind Race 4 - 8 hours of getting over it...

The final race of the tailwind series is run and won - and what a great series it was. I am already looking forward to next years series, with the rumour that there may be five races for 2012 already circulating.  In my opinion Tailwind really have themselves sorted out and are putting on great, enjoyable events for pinners and punters alike.

Race 4 was the 8 hour - billed as the Qld Enduro Championship. Coming off some serious illness and a week of hard training, too much work and other turmoils, I hit out at the University crit the day before to set my expectations for the next day - would it be a race or a ride?  Legs were turning fine, though the bunch was not thumping it too hard. In the final laps I ramped it up and bit, and after 6 weeks of sickness wasn't sure what would happen.  My lungs worked, my legs responded and I managed to ride up through the bunch in the straight - it boded well for the next day. The race was on.

Driving out to OHV we watched the temperatures plummet to a chilly 2'c and there was frost on the ground when we set up.  Arrgh!  Bring back summer!  OHV is always a tough track.  It favours those with good technical skills and I wouldn't say it suits me. OHV has dealt me some serious pain in the past, including a concussion.  I love these days that I can say I rolled it clean, with no crashes and riding everything the course offered.  I know I am not the quickest through there yet, a Willett on my tail through Rock Bottom reminded me of that - but I do love that I don't need to be scared of getting hurt anymore.

OHV Rock Garden on 007

The start was fun, going from 6 abreast to single file immediately - log jam!  I didn't repeat the 4 hour and kept the weasels off my bars so that was a bonus.  Riding across the billabong was a nice touch (Hayden!), and ended up (for me) an unrideable wheel locking swampfest by mid race. I guess it just wouldnt be right after the season we have had, not to have SOME mud!  I hear while I was riding there were more than one or two mishaps for all those in transition to enjoy! Go Captain Cracker!

Captain Cracker loses it in the Billabong (photo by Tailwind)

I went with no support and it probably cost me a little time, but in the end a few people showed and started to let me know times and pass bottles for the second half of the race.  Thanks Robbie & TR-Frank!  I actually managed the whole 8 hours on eLoad and eLoad gels so self feeding wasn't too bad.

Happy Gilmore always brings a smile to my face (photo by Morbo)

I really enjoyed the ride, and spent 95% of it rolling without company just enjoying myself.  Still managed to make a friend through putting a face to a name - Mr.Hubcap yes, I am talking about you. Hope the leg is ok!

Koiled Cruising (photo by Morbo)
Shan dropped in for a chat and lapped with me for one - good Mawson practice!  All up I got 10 laps in 8hrs 13mins which is around 143km, and 2500m of climb.  5th Overall, 1st in the Solos and 1st in the Series.

Emma showed her style, by running in a chain mechanical and proceeding to calmly get back to the business of lapping her way back to third.  Well done, many a rider would have thrown in the towel.   Kylie rode another strong race to finish in 2nd, and ripped a couple of fast laps in the middle that made me change gears.

007 is fast and fun (photo by Alan Uthmann)
Special mention to Pete who called out 'only one minute up, BURY yourself' on my last lap.  I put the hurt on myself big time to make sure I kept in front - made even better by being completely unnecessary.  Nice one Pete!

Solo Podium - Kylie, Rach and Emma

Great to see strong rides from Bekkers and Westwood. A top day on the trails with the Uni Gang, and Koiled team mates.  Thanks to Shan for all the wrenching, Tallboy was faultless as per usual and my new middleburn cranks are the business!

Catch you at the presentation night for a few cold ones and some quality tall tales as we relive the highlights!


Anonymous said...

You rocked Rach! SMPéd that course, with poise grace and humbleness.....ok çept for the *sucked* us all!
Well done mega-tronic she-beast ;-)
Lets celebrate with full fat milk and tots!

Rach said...

can we have a round of swing ball instead? :)

Anonymous said...

Only if you wear high top track daks.....

Sean Bekkers said...

Well done mate. riding through the Dam wasnt that much fun but the rest was cool.

your obviously getting faster out there. Must be the crit work

Rach said...

Thanks Bekkers. It is good to hear that, especially from someone with your mad skillz ... I have no idea how it is happening, the last 6 weeks has actually been a f'ked up mess health wise with little consistent riding. Trying to stay positive and get well - and slipping a ride like that in is reassuring that less is more.

Crits rock my world. I am a little bit crap at them, but it doesn't spoil the fun.

Catch you soon!

Alison said...

I did say "5 mins" up, and something long the line of "leave it all out there"...worked though, you did a last lap of 47min. Very impressive
There must be something in that eLoad


Jodie Willett said...

I was riding behind this chick for a while thing "damn she is smooth on the singletrack - gotta watch out for her in races" was you! Wouldn't say that technical trails aren't your thing. Keep up the good work Rach.