Monday, May 9, 2011

Race Week Progress

This year I've been doing things a little differently. Good DIRT (smp) friends have convinced me to come play on the ROAD, so to speak. I approached it with the idea that it would just be work, designed to improve my mountain biking. Probably boring, but a step towards improving my riding.

In reality, it is so much more. Great bunch of new bike friends at Uni, and a whole lot of new things to try. Like elimination races, points races, criteriums, and TTs. I like new things. And I will let you in on a secret, I also like trying to smash people twice my size.

Making it to the final 4 in the Triple Crown Elimination race

The downside is not being able to do everything! I will miss the Uni TT this weekend but there will be others. It is race week for the *big* 24 hour race for the Tailwind SuperSeries. Time to see if the new approach works. The work is done now and this week is about preparing gear and preparing for what is to come.

Goal setting is tricky. Last years results will be hard to work from with the changes in course and likely conditions (as in HORRIFIC, WET, MUDDY conditions). I will likely come up with some sort of process goal and focus on that. The rest should follow.

Do you know how much 24 hours of that ^^^ rips a gooch? I do.
Better bring your brass ones peoples.


Anonymous said...

Stop it Edwards....yr atrocious ;-)

As head PIT BEE-ARCH.....I ask you bring the washer with help with the application of gooch I'm not the applier of such either.

There is no downside. Muddy conditions or not, it's gonna be SMP day at the office....

You are on track. For the track. Remember Jamans Zen Moped, and my SMP cornering.....


Rach said...

washer with eyes - WINNING!