Monday, April 18, 2011

It's probably time.

To get back on the training wagon.
Somehow the short break after worlds has turned into 6 months coach/program free. This has largely been due to waiting on the ever diminishing chance of hearing where/when WSC24 will be on. Time to fix it and time to give up on WSC24 for 2011.

Uni has provided an injection of fun into my riding, introduced me to a whole new group of people, and also helped me find a new coach that I will be starting with in the next little bit.

It has also provided new ways to suffer. Like the Mt Coot-tha TT we did on saturday, the hard way. None of this starting at slaughter falls with a rolling start. Oh no. Uni like to start at the planetarium with a proper standing start. The difference that planetarium hill, and the flat past Freers makes is large and finding a rhythm is elusive. Hurt fest.

Even better you get a public weigh in at the start. I was surprised to see I have dropped a bit of weight. I still feel strong, so I will take it - though will maybe try to put a little on before the 24hr. Backed up the Coot-tha TT with a roadie Nebo smashfest again with the Uni crew. 51mins to the school, and 29 mins down to my place. New record.

I am looking forward to the Super Series 24 hour. I have my eyes on my result from last year and am intending to break it, assuming conditions are conducive....

4 weeks people. Rip into it.


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Yeah its about time..... Edwards did you remember to take yr ballast off when you weighed in?! Welcome to Coach Cupcakes training for awesomeNESS...... guaranteed to have you SMP single track! ;-X