Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Race Report - Merida 24

I used the routine of race morning to try and calm pre-race nerves. Having looked at the entry list the night before, I knew there was strong competition and to get on any of the steps at the end of the race, I would have ride to my absolute best, and probably a bit past that!

Race morning, the koiled gang came together and set up camp. I felt surprisingly calm. The week leading up my head tried to go to bad places, knowing that there were girls who had better results than me turning up. The voice always popped up in my head saying 'just ride'. It's funny how words said so casually and forgotten by one person might stay with another forever. Those words struck a chord with me, and they work every time my brain starts to think too much about what is ahead. Just ride.

As always I seeded myself up the back of the start pack, and immediately regretted it.
I will not do this anymore. I don't need to. I am faster now than ever before. Someone please remind me when I try and saunter to the back of the pack at the next start line that I have learned enough to move up.

I have been working hard on trying to improve technically and I think my improvement took some by surprise, not least myself. Shannon got a first hand view of the 'race switch' being flipped, and I suspect next time we head out for some technical work he will not be accepting my usual tentative approach. Time to push some boundaries.

Highlights for the race:
* being part of team Koiled.
* watching Nick bury himself to qualify AGAIN for the worlds.
* seeing TR get it together and just ride his way to 3rd AG.
* watching the WRB gang set goals and work to them - they have the BUG!!!

* cracking the secret of gooch management - no missing SKIN!!! hahahaha!
* breaking my race goal in 20 hours. Note to self: Set harder goals.
* actually recording some laps faster than the national champ.
* having no crashes.
* being the dropper rather than the droppee on technical sections - that is fun
* having a brake mech fixed and rolling again in under 15mins (thanks Shannon)!
* being well safe in second, and knowing I couldn't catch 1st - putting my feet up to kick start the recovery.
* being able to get on a wind trainer on MONDAY and feel ok!!! Note to self: Go harder.
* taking out second overall

Big thanks to Jimmy, Shannon and Mick for supporting all of the Koiled riders.

The tallboy was flawless. I hope there aren't anymore in the country because I think it might just be my secret weapon. Given the rocky rough course, the sheep stayed in the barn. I will take it for a run out to GC tomorrow to make up for it.

up next Tour de Timor.


MattDogTraining said...

The way you were riding on the weekend was inspiring. It isn't necessary for you to go "harder" & feel more munted. Maybe just work on going a little faster ;-)

Super impressed dog

Anonymous said...

'Just Ride'....yeah! The only mantra you need. Legs will do the talking and the free mind will let you ride ;-)
Awesome result Rach.
Oh, and 'wise dog' re harder ;-)

jaman said...

Good work Rach! Glad to hear you are the "dropper" on the tech sections!
We are in awe of your skillz!

Alison said...
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Alison said...

Quote "Time to push some boundaries"
So wanna ride Parklands on Sunday

Sean Bekkers said...

Well done Rach I saw you hammering around on your big wheels. The new kit looks good too