Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's Race Week!

The Merida 24 hour is just around the corner and isn't it going to be a smashfest! Plenty of solo buddies out riding - Nick, TR, Bekkers, Omo, Alistair, Mick, Sean, Scott, Russ, Ky, Tim and young Josh giving his first solo hit out a crack. Should make for good company in the dead of night....

There are a great number of girls entered and most are top shelf riders. There are a few names that mountain bikers might not recognise, but are familiar around the AR circuit. And let me tell you, the AR girls have some form under their belts. I think this will pack a few surprises as MTBers are pushed by people they have never heard of. I am looking forward to getting in there and being part of it all. Half the girls field has already qualified and entered the worlds, and with three riders who have elite worlds experience under their belt it is bound to be an exciting race. For those that are hunting a worlds slot, while there will be enough to go around, the lap requirement is bound to be up there with Jess our current National champion heading up to race. Bring your A game legs!!!!

In typical form, work has ramped up to be very demanding this week and I haven't had the opportunity to sort much out yet. Like most things when you have a stupid amount of stuff to do, do one thing at a time till it is done and move on. Come Thursday afternoon the phone and laptop are going to be switched off and my focus will shift to race prep.

This year I am riding with the new Koiled team. If nothing else I will look great, which as we all know is the most important thing!

Koiled will offer a range of dream bikes in custom and rack models from people like Form, Quiring, BlackSheep, Santa Cruz and Vulture Cycles. In addition there will be a Koiled range offering more affordable Ti options.

I'll be taking the new Tallboy out for the OHV rocks and I can't wait. In combination with the BlackSheep HT I really do have the dream quiver of race bikes!

Stay tuned for more info as Koiled is launched -> www.koiled.com.au


MattDogTraining said...

mmm...tallboy... Ever since that little up & back spin I had on yours I have been dreaming of owning one. Bloody sweet ride.

Oh, one more thing Rach "WTF are you doing?!?! pedal that bloody thing up the hill!!!!" hehehe... I am only getting in now seeing as I will not be out on the trails to give you heaps ;-)


Rach said...

I will consider you first dibs (dont tell prof). Shannon says I have to upgrade in 12 months to the new one do you a deal, provided it hasn't been crashed too many times :D