Tuesday, January 12, 2010

coming up....

Well, 2010 is here and the first race of the year is coming up.

LunarC - a midnight 8hour kicks off this weekend at the scene of many a mud based crime - slickers. Given the rain we have had, there are plenty of us who are holding out to the very last minute before confirming that we will in fact show up. I have sacrificed many a brake pad, bearing and bushing at that place..... Last race at Kurwongbah saw us riding more THROUGH the lake, than around it and resulted in a rebuild of my rear suspension among other things. Don't believe me .... check it out.

Hoping for a dry and hot week this week. If not, I suspect I will race anyway.... but maybe I will put the Ridley to one side and dust off the Trek fuel. And I better get on the phone to Mick to order one of his home made mudguards.

There is a promise of a new course with more interesting bits - looking forward to a great race....!

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Jeremy said...

Dust Fest!

No Penguins though.