Monday, November 2, 2009


This weekend saw the long weekend road ride reintroduced as I slowly work back into some semblance of training. We had to stop at this place along the corso for a group pic.... not only had these guys put a bunch of effort in to decorate, they really bought home the creepy theme with knee deep empties in the front yard, and the front door wide open to an otherwise silent house. Happy Halloween!

I figure if entries to the worlds are open, it is probably a clear sign to get my ass into gear. It's been great getting work done around the house, getting my job ramped up again with some major RFPs and generally being totally relaxed on weekends - but I am missing my bike. Things are warming up in Vegas and I need to get some riding under my belt before summer's heat well and truly arrives.

My main training buddy, TR, has finally figured out how to flip the switch in his head and is also on the same trajectory for October. Time to get serious.

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Sean Bekkers said...

Yes I am doing the pitch black but as a two man team with a mate of mine. Training I am feeling the same way, time to pin the ears back and get ready for 2010.