Sunday, October 18, 2009

stromlo rocks.

The scott 24 was definitely worth the trip. I now understand how my bike buddy Pen spent every day riding there for a few weeks a christmas or two ago... the trails!!!!!

Great to meet the nightlightning crew and spend 24 hours alternating laps together. Very happy to have ended up in 4th considering we did the job with 5 riders. I have to say though, 6 man is a SOFT way of racing 24hours.. I didn't know what to do with all the down time. It almost seemed like a waste! Still, got some experience at Stromlo, found some new friends and most importantly found my 24hour mojo which had been MIA....

I was definitely not as fit - hardly surprising with no training or riding to speak of since August but I managed 5 of our team laps, and scored the dawn lap and the last lap!
I made some good lap buddies, including an ADFA rider who was happy to chat and then to challenge me to a sprint up the chute. Crowd PLEASERRRRR!!!!

I'll be back.


TR said...

Elbow flapper.

Black Sheep Imports said...

August was only a month ago!

Trickle said...

Shouldn't you be walking down that last drop? WWFD (What Would Frosty Do)

MattDogTraining said...

Time to start preparing for another assault on Stromlo?

-Breaking out into song to the tune of th XXXX beer ad-

I can feel some smashing sessions coming on, I can feel some smashing sessions coming on I've got the taste for it, I just can't wait for it, I can feel some smash sessions coming on!

-Loud applause & hooting-

Rach said...

double nebos followed by Mr.Edwards fresh baked MUFFINS