Tuesday, November 10, 2009

coming up.....

Next event is pitchblack - 12 hour enduro that runs all night long. I have been back in the saddle a few days a week and generally getting moving prior to the onslaught that will be my next uTurn program. Not really enough for a hardcore 12 hour solo, but I think I have a lap or two up my sleeve. Particularly exciting is that this will be a family affair with Gareth and Annabel heading out to camp and support me.... a rare treat.

Should be fun considering I am spending that week working in China. What can I say, I hope the hotel has a bike in the gym, no alcohol for me on the plane, lots of water, and neck to toe skins whenever I am not in a suit will be the order of the day.
Maybe the low oxygen atmosphere of the plane will give me the edge?!?!
Maybe the slight jet jag will work in my favour by perking me up right when everyone else is ready for sleep?!?!
Maybe it is going to hurt more than usual!
Maybe I can't wait!

EDIT: Rhino warns that apparently I get to expect several days of hacking coughs due to chinese pollution. Breathing. Over-rated.


rhino said...

where in china? coughing up for a couple of days afterwards is always awesome...

Rach said...

not much I can do - it is what it is!
at least racing upon my return should see me hacking it all up in one (awfully horrific) go.

note to self. Pack my ventolin.