Saturday, July 25, 2009

WSC24 Pre Ride

This morning we headed up to the race HQ first thing. We found solo pit row.... race number 23 it is for me.

Then it was off to pre-ride the course. Wow.
So..... it is way different to home. The hills are steep, loose and go forever, and they are COVERED in unforgiving roots and rocks. A few bridges, a few tricky descents. All ridden. I am grateful I got out for a technical ride in Vancouver, as now this does not seem *quite* as tough. But it is still a good couple of notches up the 'freaking hard' tree. Majority single track, eating will be tough. upper body will hurt - but on the plus side I think the gooch will go well as there are not a lot of places you will sit in the saddle!!!

Registration was simple and quick. The rego pack is super generous - I got approximately 20 gels all in date (!), a beer glass, a water bottle, a mechs shirt and a towel. Sweet.

24 hours to go, and then 24 hours to GO!


jaman said...

Best of luck Rach, May the force be with you!

TR said...

Gooch comment is funny given your comments at 3am.