Tuesday, July 7, 2009

finishing it off....

Been a busy couple of weeks. Firstly headed out to Insomnia for some mud riding practice with a great 4 person mixed team - Black Sheep. Unfortunately Shan was down with the flu race morning, so we called in reinforcements. Who takes a call at 8.30am on race day and says yes??? Deefa.
Thanks Deef, you were a legend to step in on such short notice and as always bought the diesel engine and the air guitar. The Black Sheep placed 3rd while still managing a good nights sleep, and a lot of laughs. Our great placing was largely due to the super quick laps of this man.... Mick "the paperboy" Giess. Homemade mud guards and babypowder were his secret.
I got plenty of mud riding practice and also an idea of how my times are going. I am riding my best ever times in those technical conditions - I really am improving. Plenty of entries in the female fastest lap list and not too far down at all to find them... a new experience for me!
The training is slowing down, with more peak type sessions. It's giving me more time to think - I've had time to consider and be grateful for my supporters...like this one..

It can be easy to lose yourself in such a daunting race. For the experience to be stressful, unenjoyable, horrible, disappointing .... and wouldn't that be a WASTE. Time to remind myself that the race that is coming - that is the good bit.


Trickle said...

Nice sock height puppet

TR said...

tic, tic, tic and another day down.

TR said...

and another.

A dream that was once lost but now found... said...

How cute is your daughter helping you out.

MattDogTraining said...

Hey Rach, this one is for you