Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To take or not to take, that is the question

Packing, I hate it.

And packing for an international 24 hour race is a logisitcal nightmare. Limitations on what you can carry means careful consideration needs to be given what you are going to put in the bag. This is at odds with 'being prepared' for just about anything - which is the usual going in position for a 24 hour race.

Throw into the mix a changeable climate like Canmore, that is warm one minute and SNOWING the next - and you will definitely need every bit of clothing you own....

Still there is always room for the mandatory 'lucky'.

And time to sneak out for a ride.

And time for a few finishing touches.

3 days and counting.


Sean Bekkers said...

Nice. I fly out in 5 days catch you over there

jaman said...

Good luck mate!
Enjoy yourself!

Buttsy said...

The undies are a classic....LMAO