Friday, April 3, 2009

Smash it, 2100 is coming

Best comment ever! Words to ride by, if I ever heard them!

When it is dark, I am riding
When it is raining, I am riding
When it is cold, I am riding
When I am tired, I am riding.

In the bank.


Sean Bekkers said...

wicked, what time are you usually out doing the reps mate, i will try and catch you out there one morning??

TR said...

Graph = owwwwwww x 6!!!!!

Trickle said...

That graph is rubbish! you just got the Anabeast to draw it on Microsoft Paint :-P

Rach said...

Friday mornings are pain o'clock...
usually hit the mountain around 6am by the time we ride over there.
look for the yellow lemond midget and the moots man mountain + or - others who may or may not HTFU.