Thursday, April 23, 2009

BMC100 - done.

Not too much racing going on for me this year, as training working and keeping a family together and happy leaves little idle time. The BMC 100 was on the calendar early since a group of good mates were headed down for some fun and I thought that sounded like a top option for my first 100km race experience. Did somebody say ROAD TRIP!!!!

Well, actually we flew. Plans were to test all the bike packing/travelling and also to get in a big hit of single track from a marathon that boasts 100% dirt and 80% single track. Only one dent from qantas and everything in working order. Big thanks to Shannon from Black Sheep for the loan of a rear brake. If only I could keep the hell off them I would be so much quicker!

Race morning arrived, and the plan was to ride the single track as best I could working on the things I know I suck at. Hearing people talk about 'heaps of northshore' and knowing it was wet I was freeeeeeaking out. Still race face on and time to sit in the car and freeeeeze waiting for the delayed race start!
race faces
Wasn't long till we were out lining up. I promptly lost TR in the starting corral but lined up nice and close to meg and addie. Bang - off. I forgot to put my garmin on, so no time, no distance, no HR. Just me. Which is actually how I have ridden my last few 24 hours. It can be cruel, but it also encourages you to find the zone and cruise. The single track was on us almost immediately, I struggled to find my flow. Plenty of people stalling and unclipping for no apparently reason reminded me to get further up the front next time.

Nutrition was hard with that much single track - and I had a couple of flat spots during the race due to stretching out the feeeeeed zones. Nothing a few gels won't fix! Wasn't long till I found my mojo and picked up the pace through the tight and twisty.
What a tough track..... max adventure certainly lived up to their promise of more single track than you could want, with plenty of obstacles thrown in too. Pushed myself to ride as much of it as possible - but not ashamed to admit the 5 metre high northshore over the gully was a walker! Not ideal to learn on, and the consequences of getting it wrong looked permanent!

Swapped the lead all day with Addie... and ended up with a 2nd place. That chick can rip the single track. 5km more firetrail and it may have been a different story.... but then that ain't mountain biking! Very pleased for my first marathon and looking forward to more.


jaman said...

Well done Rach! How was the single track? That bloke in the photo sure looks funny! did he complain that there was too much singletrack?

Rach said...

if you mean the freak mono-ing behind me I am pretty certain he busted his collarbone somewhere around the 50km mark.

Or are you saying I look like a man? :P

Now, when are you taking me riding?

Trickle said...


Kenzo said...

great result, awesome effort Rach.