Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Inferno Race 2

Inferno Race 2 rolled around and it was time for a high speed hit out. The womens solo field was not only large, but contained a few of the bigger names; with Black Sheep (Meg) and Chain Gang (Jo) well represented. I was looking forward to trying a faster pace than my normal 24 hour solo pace, and knew any chance of standing on the podium would need to be earned.

For once, I think I positioned myself at the right spot on the start. Did not get trampled, and also did not have anyone stall in front of me when we hit the first single track or climb. I rolled with Meg and Jo this lap and could stick with them on the more open stuff - but come the single track those two were g o n e. I was riding out of my skin to pick them up again and closed the gap at around the 8km mark. As we rolled into transition, I realised I had probably made a mistake. I had only taken a bottle and needed to transition, but the other two were smart and had camelbaks - allowing them to roll right on through. I caught one more glimpse on lap 2 as they finshed the climb I was just beginning and *bang* gone. There is something about being able to see your competition that keeps you pushing - and once they are out of sight the chasing is somehow harder. Not to worry - time to focus on the pedals.

flying into transition.

OHV and Tailwind turned on an awesome course. It really is some of the best single track we have in SE Qld. I found it challenging enough, and definitely found that the rocky/rough stuff made for an interesting, if not pain-filled ride. I need to ride that stuff more.

in good company!

Finished a close 3rd - managed 8 laps in 5.50 or so.... In truth I had time for another, and would have moved up a place if I did - but I had answered my questions, and was belted in the neck and arms. This time last year, I rode 3 laps at inferno, wanted to die, and got concussion. This year, I rode 8 laps and some of it with my hero (Meg!).

I am getting better. Thanks in part to Steve for the great training programs at uTurn Fitness, Jez at Ride Inn for the machine, and thanks in part to my own hard work.

Now it's all about the recovery... Meg is taking me riding next wednesday, why did I say yes.... 2100' per lap. That's why.


A dream that was once lost but now found... said...

Good race Rach. Awesome to hear you have improved since last year. It just goes to show you only get out what you put in.

Russell Worthington said...

Onya RAch. Keep up the hard work. It WILL pay off. Good Luck!

Sean Bekkers said...

Well done mate.

Smash it, 2100 is coming